Our History

Clonet.eu follows the pattern of most web listings by being birthed out of necessity. Our CEO found that even in the twenty-first century, where web crawlers furnish search engines with information, the organizational aspect on the World Wide Web is still a factor. Once more, those small businesses with quality goods and services are often buried by large corporations with enough capital to make their names great on the Internet. Our CEO thought it was high time to establish a database for the “little man,” which is why he launched Clonet.eu.

We consider our listings as partnerships with small business owners who may not have the budget for an extravagant website coupled with an SEO strategist. The local retail store barely earning enough sales to cover the rent and utilities does not likely have enough cash flow to add on marketing for online presence, which means that it inevitably misses out on additional exposure and the potential for more revenue. Still, it is such additional advertising that can take the business from barely breaking even to having an abundance of more. The CEO of Clonet.eu understands the dilemma, which is why he has chosen to help.

Our web directory is not like the average listing source, which isn’t much better than what you would get from Google. Our entries are reviewed and only included after going through rigorous analysis. Quality is our number one aim at Clonet.eu, which is why we work hard to only provide listings from the best companies.

One of the main reasons why consumers gave up on web listings in past times is because of their inclination to offer outdated information. No one wants to call a dead landline or go to a broken web link. Clonet.eu works hard to ensure that all information provided to visitors is accurate and updated. We even offer searchers the opportunity to tell us if a website link does not work or if a business is no longer in operation.

How We Help Small Businesses

Regardless of how you may feel about the digital age, there is no denying the fact that the world is online. Many consumers depend on the Internet to steer them in the right direction when searching for new restaurants, health care providers, and everything else in life. In fact, some consumers admit to losing confidence in a business that fails to establish itself online.

Contrary to what a few novices may believe, good content and an interactive website are not the only things that seekers depend on when finding the right company. In actuality, many sites have excellent presentation yet lack the traffic needed to thrive online. Meanwhile, companies that do not have images coupled with excellent content consistently find themselves at the top of Google search engine results. Why is this so?

The answer to the question of “Why” lies in the reality of search engine optimization (SEO). Many small business owners believe that providing useful content along with sprinkles of keywords is the best way to climb the SEO ladder and be noticed by Google. The truth, however, is that search engines design their algorithms to find trusted companies. What better way for small business owners to build confidence in their brand than with an online listing? Clonet.eu is the bridge that entrepreneurs need to survive and thrive in the world of SEO.