A high-ranking executive of Google recently sparked a lively discussion by making the claim that web directories do not aid in the fight for better SEO. According to him, a local listing does little, if anything, to affect the algorithm established by Google, hence, such business move does not help a company attain better search engine optimization (SEO) results. Perhaps, what the executive at Google missed is the motivation behind website listings.

A company does not enlist the services of a web directory solely to attain better SEO. It is quite clear that a listing of a company’s information online does nothing to improve optimization. The savvy entrepreneur, however, takes out an entry in a web directory to gain better exposure on the World Wide Web. Imagine lacking the funds to establish a website but still having the option of advertising on the Internet. Web directories provide such opportunity.

Clonet.eu, in particular, gives small business owners the chance to amplify their online presence while improving local visibility. An entry in our database often means listing in other forums as well since many web directories borrow information from other established directories to create their own information hubs.

Local visibility is another perk that comes with an entry in the Clonet.eu directory. Our search tools help connect customers with goods and services in the neighborhood. Search engines offer many options for a single service. Such databases do not, however, guarantee that only local businesses will appear in the search results. Seekers may very well get results for a shopping plaza in another region even after specifying a territory in their search.

Web directories such as Clonet.eu come with the human touch, which means that no stone is left unturned in the quest to deliver the best search results to consumers. Human editors ensure that a business submits its company name as well as contact information along with the central region it serves. Strictly classifying a company by both category and region inevitably leads to greater brand awareness since those searching for a particular service are usually the main audience presented to companies providing the favor.

Business owners who only focus on SEO miss an opportunity to broaden their horizons through other forms of exposure. It is certainly true that search engines provide massive advertising. It is also factual that intentional listings with web directories positively impact a company’s marketing as well.

The present digital age would have entrepreneurs believe that chance is the only factor that determines whether they make it to the first page of Google and Bing. The truth, however, is that purposeful advertising helps as well. Clonet.eu is a resource for businesses as well as customers hoping to maintain a sense of intimacy in a world where every moment appears to be a public spectacle. We are the bridge between buyers and sellers that just so happens to also aid in the fight for better SEO. One search with our database will show you what’s missing in your online experience.